Tuesday, February 13, 2018

27 - a. Our Guestbook with Tourist Comments, Picture & Cameron Service Pleasure Photo Gallery.

A Special Thanks to you all for choosing us " Cameron Service " be your guide  at Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.
( Your Convenience and Satisfaction is Our Pleasure )

Hi Elan!
How are doing? It’s Renato (Fernando’s father) You took us on a wonderful guided trip last month.
Sorry it’s taken me so long to send these photos but I lost your card and just found it today.
Anyway as promised here are some shots of Fernando and you, plus a couple of Francis too.
Hope you like them. We will defiantly book trip with you next time we come to the C.H
Thanks again for making it such a great trip!
Best regards,

Hi Elan,
Thanks again for a very interesting tour of the Cameron Highlands today.
I also wrote you up in Trip Advisor - hopefully it will be published.
Don't forget to show your wife what an otter is!
I hope you continue to enjoy presenting your highlands to visitors as thoughtfully as you did for us,
We will recommend you to our friends too,
Kind regards,
Graeme & Sue

Hi Elan,
Thank you very much for your wonderful trip today. We enjoyed it very much. 
You shared your broth knowledge about the history of Cameron Highlands, its forest wild life and habitat.
Our walk through the forest and the tea plantation was great!
Kind regards,
Gerrit, Paula and Leon.

Dear Elan,
We thank you for having much good time at Cameron Highlands with your help.
We are sending some photos taken at 19 miles point and night trap.
Nobuhiko & Eungi Haga (Tokyo)

Hi, Elan san, Rani san,
Thank you very much for your support.
We enjoyed Beetles and Mossy forest tour very much!
And my family likes Cameron Highlands. We will visit CH again within this year.
I would like to ask you Rafflesia tour next time. I will email you at that time.
Best Regards,
  Akiyoshi Nishino


Hi Rani & Elan,
Trekking to Mt. Irau is the best experience we ever had... lots of wonderful memories left behind!
I have attached 2 pictures in this email, hope you would like it!
I will definitely recommend your services to all my running kakis.
Thank you very much!
Best regards,
Shirlyn Tay
Safra Running Club -Tampines

Dear Alen,
We all thoroughly enjoyed the Cameron Highland tour with you.
Many thanks to you.
We will definitely recommend Cameron Service to our friends and relatives.
Wish you all the best,
With best regards,
Harish and Group.

Hi Elan & Rani.
We had a wonderful sunrise tour at Cameron Highlands.
Mr.Elan were very friendly and patient enough with our clumsiness during nature walk in Mossy Forest.
Thank you so much for the wonderful tour. :D
Mee Chain.
Dear Elan,
Back in Europe, we still have great memories from our stay at Cameron Highlands.
Thank you once more for your help and organizing our trip with our great guide Alan.
Regards, Ruud Hos.

Cheers for a perfect new experience hiking the Irau. Would really appreciate
if you can share the pictures that you have been taken with your camera.
See you again some other time.
Dear Elan ,
Thanks for your e-mail & our Butterfly tour
We had a very exciting time & amazing experience of getting butterfly.
There we got photo so we'll send you.
If we can, we'll go Cameron Highlands again.
And we'll call you again, OK?
Sincery yours,
Koichi  Yasunaga Soichiro Yasunaga
I had a great trek with Elan and I look very much forward to another trek where we can finish the route.
Mossy Forest is tremendously beautiful! A few of my friends from Singapore are planning a trip to Cameron Highlands. 
I will recommend a trek with Elan to them.
I'll be in touch,
Hi Elan. Do u remember me?
I have been there with my wife abt December last year.My name is Jang ki woong, I am a Korean live in SG.U told me send u my travel pics.
It’s so late. But I wanna keep promise with u send to u now.
If u likes my pics u can register on your web site.Elan, I can’t forgot your kindness. Thanks.

Elan...we all wanna say a big thank you for today. We had so much fun. The kids all loved the experiences. Thank u again! It was awesome! We will definitely be in touch next time we come over. Dr. Azani  

Comment by Ms. Pris Priscillia
A special thanks to Mr.Elan and Ms.Rani.
This was a truly fascinating and interesting trip I've went to, thanks to your excellent tour and services.

Super V.I.P family members from Kuala Lumpur visit Cameron Highlands and use our service. 

From Right : Ms.Rani , Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir , Mr. Narwan Sing & Elan.

Mr. & Mrs. Sakamoto Home in Cameron Highlands

My Home

Dear Elan-san & Rani-san,
Thank you very much for the wonderful trekking in Cameron Highlands.
And sorry for the delay in writing to you.
Attached are the pictures of insects etc. We found in the forest.
Please feel free to use these pictures!
- Yoshitaka KAMIMURA

Hi Elan & Rani,
We truly enjoyed the guided tour to Mt. Brinchang, Orang Asli Village and the short walk in the Forest.
It was an amazing experience for us and we wish to come back to explore the nature's beauty again.
Thanks for your splendid customer service.
We have attached a photograph for memories and also posted in your blog.
Mr & Mrs Kannah

Dear Ms. Rani,
thanks for the good wishes. I would like to give you and the guides Spencer and Elan a big big thank you !!!
It was a very pleasant stay at Cameron Highlands, we really enjoyed it.
Hope to see your team soon next time...
Thanks again for the great tours!
Best regards

Marie said...
We have spent the weekend at Cameron Highlands, Elan was our guide for 3 tours.
He was very nice, and he showed us some fabulous places!
I think it was our best weekend in Malaysia thanks to him!

John said...

Good job Mr. Elan.. We went in a group of 7 (not professional trekkers or hikers), so Mr. Elan suggested the trekking sites which suites us. Friendly guy, with a lot of experience and knowledge of the jungle.

Super V.I.P from Japan visit Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

Hey elan,
..As promised..!!
Thanks again for the great tour! :)
You are welcome! :)
 How are you?? We are fine.
 We are back in Germany now and everything is going the way it was before.
You can do with the picture whatever you want to. 
We are proud to be part of your homepage! :)
Take care,
Saskia & Nicky

その上流暢な日本語(13年間、日本在住 )で、案内してくれました。
5/1 2012 加藤真由美Kato Mayumi

There were no problems at all, excellent service.
We will put something on your web-site next week. 
Been really busy since returning from our holidays.
Will email you soon.
Shae Dixon

My Home

Very important person for us.

Cyristal Mosque, Kuala Terengganu.

Redang Island Tour from Cameron Highlands with Mr. & Mrs. Tokunaga.

Elan さん
今回のキャメロンハイランンドで、ラジャブルックの集団吸水が一番印象に残りました。 素晴らしいところを案内していただき
 一昨日からタイに来ております。 昨日、バンコクの南、タイ最大の国立公園ケンクラチャンに入りました。
川畑 知三令子

Mr. Elan
 We've had a wonderful time to see so many Raja Brooks in our stay at Cameron Highland, and thank you very much for your guidance.
We came in Thailand the day before yesterday, and we are now staying at Kaeng Krachan National Park where we could see so many butterflies flying while we were driving and found thousands of thousands butterflies drinking water  along the stream. So here is also wonderful place.
Best Regards,
Tomo Kawabata & Reiko Kawabata.

To Mr.P.ELANGOVEN ( Elan-san )
We (Uchiyama & my wife) and Mr.Aikawa (seated on your left-hand side on your car) landed safely at Narita-airport on schedule (17.oct.2006) 
 and are very much appreciated for your kind hospitality during our stay at Cameron-highlands and in Kuala-Lumpur.
This time, we enjoyed our trip to Malaysia so much.Finally, we hope your success in your future business.
We would like to say "thank you very much" again.

To Elan-san
Thanks for your kindness ( Terima Kasih )
We were able to enjoy a trip of KL and C/H.
We wish your business succeeds.
We send commemorative photograph.
( Saya suka Elan-san !! )

Elan san
Thank you for your mail.
I returned home with safe 2 Nov.
Many thanks for your kindness and friendly cooperation.
I had a really good time spending a week in Cameron Highlands and KL.
I want to visit Malaysia again near future.
In Japan the cold season is starting.
I have a slight coldheating and headache from this week.
In closing my mail, I leave you with my sincere friendship.
See you again soon, 'll except your kindly cooperation..

Dear Mr. Elan
Sorry for the late reply
I was able to spend the day so much fun in your favor.
My wife (Kayoko) and son (RIHO) were very pleased.
My son was especially very grateful that you taught him a variety of creatures in 19miles.
We will never forget that night at any trap.
We will go also to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia...
By - Ryuji Agari

Dear Mr. Elan
A Happy new year!!!!!!
By - Riho
Dear Elan and Rani,
We came back to Taiwan safely last night.
We had a wonderful time at Cameron Highlands, Thanks to your excellent support.
As I promised you, I attach two pictures of butterflies.
I hope that these will be of any help to you.
I hope that I will be able to come back to
Cameron Highlands not before long.
Best regards, 

いちどメールをしましたがとどいていたのでしょうか?ほんとうにエレンさんのおかげで あんしんしてすごすことができました。

Hi Ms. Rani, just to say thank you very much for your guide and arrangement! The tour guides were very friendly and patient with our ever changing plans. Many thanks and will sure contact you again should we visit Cameron again! :) 
Thanks and Regards

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Thank You.
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We will never forget and greatly appreciated to you all for your kind support. Thanks

With Good Bless Hope to See you all again.
Thank very much to you all for your Picture and Comments.
 Take care & have nice day.
Please Welcome again to Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.
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