Tuesday, February 13, 2018

20 - Moon Light Jungle Walk Experience / Night Activity with Local Nature Guide in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

( Exploring the Jewels of The Cloud Rain Forest )
Price: RM 100.00 / 1 Person.
                    RM 70.00 / Child - 7~12 years old.
Minimum we need 3 person
Departure Time: 19:30 
Meeting Point: Office / Tanah Rata Town.
Duration: 2 ~ 4 Hours walk with Local Nature Guide.

Note: Meals and Trekking Equipment NOT included.
   Torch Light are provided for each person.

Tour Highlight :
Moon Light Jungle Walk start from Cameron Service counter at 7:30 pm. Our guide take you walk inside Tropical Rain Forest at night time with safety. its really different compare Day Jungle Trekking. You may notice the night live in the forest. Some time if you are lucky you get to see wild insert's, bug's, small-small animal's like squirrel, civet cat, owl and other bird's. Other wild plants like Orchids, Herbal and Carnival / Tropical Pitcher plant ( monkey cup )also sometime you get to see them.
Please come and take this opportunity to get experience of the sight and fill the sound of the Cloud Rain-forest in C.Highlands.

Moon light walk is designated for people who really want to touch or enjoy the mother nature and appreciate the night of mighty tropical rain forest. Specially at night time.

Cameron Highlands forest is a great place to for nature lovers because of the fresh air, peaceful mind, relaxing, meditation and exercise.
Hope you all will enjoy the nature walk and love the cloud forest. The view and air is very good for our eyes, lung, body and mind. 
Cameron Highlands Forest - the high altitude and cool air really make exploration, interesting and fun; believe me; you won't sweat much...

! See and feel the tropical rain-forest nightlife in Cameron Highlands !
Please be prepared with:-
                                  a. Good walking shoes
                                  b. Rain coat / Jacket 
                                  c. Proper clothing - Long Selene shirt
                                                            - Long pants
                                                            - Cap / Hat & Glove
                                  f. Insects repellent ( Not very important ) 
                                 g. Snack & Drinks

For further inquiries, information & booking, please feel free to contact us.
H/P : 012 5544 645 ( Ms. Rani )
    ( Whats-App Available ) 
Skype : cameronservice1