Tuesday, February 13, 2018

6 - Beetles Tour / Trap ( Catching / Picture ) / 夜の昆虫採集, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.


Trap at Night with Light
Time : 7:00 pm ~ 11:00 pm (+/-)
Duration : 3 ~ 4 hours  
1 vehicle / Maximum 5 person
Note : Nobody will join with you / Just your Group.
Price : RM 500.00 / Trip / 1 Light 

Note : No Meals and No Equipment are included.

Optional : RM 100.00  Japanese Speaking Guide.

The tour starts from Tanah Rata, Brinchang / Kea Farm at 7:0pm ( free pick up at your hotel ) and it takes about 45 minute ~ 1 hour journey to the destination. From there trekking activity begin, it take about 5 ~ 10 minute normal jungle walk to reach the light trap and sometime no need to walk, just beside road and surrounding jungle.
Our guide will do all the necessary preparation ones our arrival to the destination and it will take time for 10 minute, like fixing Beetles trap and so on..
We need to wait for about 2 hours for the beetles and insects. We will be spending maximum 10:00 pm at light . Once you are ready we will be heading to your hotel and the journey takes about 45 minute ~ 1 hour to your hotel and the whole program takes about 3~4 hours.

The tour normally ends between 11:00 ~ 11:30 pm.

       You will be able to see many kind of Beetles, Bugs, other Insects and Mont's.
We will be able to do this program whole year around because there is no season involved.

Please be prepared with :-
                        a. Good walking shoes.
                        b. Rain coat / Umbrella.
                        c. Proper clothing    - Long Selene shirt.
                                                    - Long pants.
                                                    - Cap / Hat.
                        d. Touch Light.
                        e. 2 ~ 3 Boxes. ( for beetles / insect )
                        f. Insects Repellent & Glove. 
                        g. Snack & Drinks.

To confirm booking / reservations,
Kindly please deposit your Payment ( RM 100.00 into:

Cameron Service,
A/C No: 506043320481 
May Bank, Tanah Rata Branch, Cameron Highlands.

Note : Advanced booking highly recommended because we have some Preparation.

ReminderUpon receiving your booking the tour is confirmed. Please do let us know in 1 day, if there is any Changes or Postpone.

Understanding : All this beetles picture taken by Myself in Cameron Highlands forest with light trap, but not in Same / 1 day.

For further enquiries, information & booking, please feel free to contact us.
H/P012 5544 645 ( Ms. Rani ) - Whats-App Available 
Skype : cameronservice1