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A Special Thanks to you all for choosing us " Cameron Service " be your guide  at Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.
( Your Convenience and Satisfaction is Our Pleasure )

Thank you for the memorable morning! It was pleasure spending time with you Elan, 
your in-dept knowledge and compassion for nature impressed us. Keep it up.
Kiers family
We receive a comment letter from Mr.Horiuchi Hitonari ( Japanese ) from Singapore.

Dear Mr.Elan,
I am Horiuchi Hitonari. I joined your tour on Feb 16th from SG. I was really surprised with your, 
I had a lot of fun and I could find many kinds of insects like stag beetle, mantis, cicada and 
your tour was just fantastic. If I have chance to come back again to Cameron Highlands, 
I'll try other tour of yours! Thank you very much Mr.Elan.
Hitonari Horiuchi
March 6th

From Right: Mr. Wong Teck Seng, Elan & Mr. Kagawa Teruyuki.
Kamakiri Sensei Teruyuki Kagawa,
Japanese academy award winner Best Supporting Actor Award,
Blue Ribbon Award Supporting Actor Award and many award-winning actors representing Japan.
It is also known as enthusiastic boxing fan, insect lover.
Insect Shooting by N.H.K TV JAPAN in Cameron Highlands and use our service: https:youtu.be/FeG-naAC7ik

Kavinnayan in action. Jungle tracking with his mama.
Special thanks for mama Elan & attai Rani Elan to offered a wonderful experience to him.
Komathy Mohanadas
Good でしたありがとうございます Shunta
Thank you 😊 Waksman
By Shinnosuke
I've learnt a lot about Cameron thanks to you. The jungle trekking was also extremely fun, maybe next time we can go for a longer distance? Overall, thank you! -Eria
ジャパンに帰ってもおしえてくれたことをわすれずちしきをこれからもいかしますいっしょうのおもいでになりましたありがとうございました Den
Thank you for everything.

This Japanese Family are Nature Lover, they like and love to touch the nature in Cameron Highlands.

Jungle Trekking with children to see orchid mantis, insect, butterfly and beetles in the nature / Cameron Highlands.

We brought a group of Buddhist temple community for chanting and meditational walk into the surrounding hill forest for a weak.

We booked a half day trip to Gunung Brinchany, Mossy forest, B.O.H tea plantation and farm. Honestly we are not much fans of organized trips, but we booked it this time for 50 RM/person. Our guide Elan is totally number one, not looking at us like on stupid tourists. At the end it was a private trip for us because no one else was interested in the same day and Elan made it on our preferences, told us much about the Malaysia, people, food, plants on our journey, answered all our questions etc. Moreover if we told him we are not so interesting is butterfly farm, he took us instead to time tunnel, which was very interesting. Could only recommend this experience, he does it because he really wants to.
Regards and Comment in Trip Adviser
Ivča I
Very nice and exhausted… great experiences… Thanks for your best efforts.
We want to challenge Mount Suku… Plz notify us if u have in future.

Dear Mr.Elan,
Hi, I'm Mr. Chun from Korea. I was touring together last week, Do you remember me???~:) I attached some picture of you. 
A few days later, another colleague will send more photos. I already miss the good weather of Cameron Highland. 
I hope you are always healthy and happy. Thank you for your amazing guide. Best regards,

Me, my husband and sister took a private tour with Elan in December and we were very very impressed. We were picked up from our hotel on time and went on the mountain peak to see an amazing view, on the way there he told us a lot about Cameron Highland's flora and fauna. Then we went for the 8 km jungle trek as the entrance to Mossy forest was shut at that time. He spent a lot more time with us than supposed to and exceeded our expectations. We would definitely recommend this company and Elan as a tour guide!
Review / Comment by
   Rita Rukė
Hello Elan!
We came back from Malajsia to the Czech Republic in August.
It is -1C here and snowing. We recall the hot days in Malajsia makes us warmer :-). We are attaching the foto of raflesia.
How are you and your wife?
Good-bye and Take care.
We wish you happy new year 2017.
Jana a Tomas.

Dear Mr. Elan.
Hi, how are you? How is the school day?
Attached herewith is our picture taken at the "Avatar Jungle".
I just want to say thank you to you for bringing us hang around at Cameron Highland.
We really had a great moment to experience the winter and natural there.
Please feel free to come to visit our Kuching. I can bring you go around. Hope to see you soon. ^^
Thank you so much and have a nice day!
Kelvin Tan
Not having enough time to do a full day tour, we booked a private tour from Cameron Service and picked the places we wanted to go. Our guide, Spencer, was very nice and had in-depth knowledge of much of the wild plants and fauna in the jungle. The price was cheaper than the other operators we asked.
Comment by Samsquamch in TripAdvisor

Dear Rani and husband
We are back home from touring a month in Malaysia.
We used 2x your service.
15.12.2016 on a tour that was realize nice and  interesting to  learn more on plants, seeds and nature.
16.12.2016 the shuttle service long distance from Tanah Rata to Jetty point in Kuala Kedah.
The service was nice, car so clean, comfortable   and your husband as we learned on the way   driving defensive and safe
What was a nice experience in a country where taxi drivers like to show their skills in driving sometimes bid to much sometimes?
We had a nice transfer for 4 to 5 hours and like to thanks you both for the excellent service and wish you both 
a happy 2017 and more success in business  in future.
You are doing fine and seriously!
Rene and Thea van der Heijden- Netherlands

Dear Mr. elan,
Thank you very much.
Also it was fun to be able to walk the rain-forest together.
This time Rafflesia was a shame, we hope that next time can be seen in a good Flower.
Please see my blog.
Thank you.
Osamu Takahashi

Hi Rani;
Thank you and especially Mr. Allen for the good service during our stay in Cameron Highland.
We will definitely recommend our friends to use your service should they visiting Cameron Highland.
Happy New Year to you!
Suzanne Ho

Elan Goven san
Gobusatasiteorimasu, ogennkidesuka. 2 VI, 2015 no 19Mile chou-saishuu annai dewa taihenn osewaninari arigatougozaimasita. 
Oreiga osokunari mousiwakegozaimasen. Cameron Highlands deno
Nighter ha Ko-kasasu Okabuto nadono Big Beetles wo takusan saishuudeki kandoudesimasita.
Yatto Camero no Data ya Photo no seiriga owarimasita. 6/2 no 19Mile 1400mH no kinenshashinwo
tenpu simasu. Betuni yuubinde shashinwo okurimasu. Kikaiga areba mata Elan santo saishuuwo tanosimitaidesu. 
Ogenkide katuyaku surukoto oinorisimasu
Thank you so much.
Yusuke Harada

Dear Elan,
Thank you very much for your guide during our Malaysia stay. We were very happy and exiting.
I like Cameron Highlands very much. After trip, I read the mystery story about JIM THOMPSON,
so I was very interested in C. Highlands more and more. Next time, I want to stay Lake-house or Smoke-house Hotel.
Jungle trekking was very hard, but nature was very beautiful. I understood why my husband wanted to go to C.Highlands.
I’II sends the picture of trip. All of us enjoyed the trip. Thank you for the present from your wife. I was very glad.
Please give my best regards to your wife.
With love from Japan.
Akiko Mochizuki.

Thanks for writing and sending my grand-niece photo, Aisy. Elan was like a gentle giant and took special care of her up and down the mountain while looking after all of TWELVE of us as well. We all can't thank enough for what Elan had provided us that memorable Saturday in the mossy forest adventure. He was like a mountain man the way he walked the muddy and difficult terrain with ease....but to see him carrying a child on one arm for what must be like 6-7 hours, it is simply amazing! What is better than that was how Elan was talking to this child just like a father to his daughter. A wonderful man Elan is.
 The mossy forest adventure will etch into our minds forever. It was simply awesome, fantastic, mind boggling to actually experience the mossy forest jungle trekking ourselves. Only the three 50 year olds, my son Adam (who was not well) and Aisy (who was sleeping) who didn't make it to mini Irau. The rest of the group made it even though some had to crawl on their feet. The amazing part was... only myself knew what to expect (but I didn't know that it was going to be this tough). The rest thought it was at most be like the FRIM jungle trek. Aisy's parents thought it was going to be like a walk in the park. That was why they brought Aisy. So the fact that some made it and some almost made it, was totally amazing since nobody had any training or preparation for this trekking at all.
As expected the next morning everybody could only talk about their experience of the jungle trekking. But one thing in common, young and old, everybody's arms and legs were in pain albeit a good kind of pain indeed. Anyway, all these city folks need to test their willpower to the limit once in a while. Mini Irau provided that. The pain is a testament of their achievements and the many photos will let them remember what a memorable day it was. So Mr. Elan, thanks for giving us a great adventure ride, something that will be remembered forever of the trip deep into the mossy forest. Hopefully, one day.... the
Warmest regards,
Rais, Noni and the rest of the group....yes Aisy included. Say ta ta to Uncle Elan.

Hi Elan,
We already went home in Bangkok.  It's my privileged having you to be my guide tour two days ago.  
I'm happy to be in your blog. Let me know if you want me to write more. Now I start to work again with full energy. 
My mom is so happy about this trip as well.
If you have free time, please visit my website: www.zthailand.com .
Best Regards,
Happy New Year!
Long time no see.
How are you?
Thank you very much in 2016. (*^_^*)
Japan, From Takehisa Yasuda Nofumi Yoshida.

Dear Elan and Rani.
Good day,
This is Noda.
We are now back to Tokyo.
Thank you for your great support in Cameron Highland.
We had fruitful stay there.
Ellen’s good instruction and Rani’s flexible arrangement have supported us a lot.
Good luck to you, and Hope to see you again!

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