Tuesday, February 13, 2018

2 - Acknowledgements.

We would like to say Special ThanksAppreciation to :-

Mr. R. Velusamy.
Mr. V. Parusuraman ( kanan ).
Mr. Asad Ali.
Mr. Banzai , Wife & Family.
Mr. Inuguchi , Wife & Family.
Mr. Jotti / Jimmy
Mr. Sakamoto & Okasan.
Mr. Mochuzuki Family.
Mr. Yahata & Wife.
Mr. Truga Kenji.
Mr. Takashi Yoshida & Mama san.
Mr. Futami Yasuaki & Mama san.
Mr. Shiba & Mama san.
Mr. Kamal Arifin.
Mr. Hata Koji , Mama san & Family.
Mr. Katsuhiro Saino.
Mr. S.K. Rajoo.
Mr. Ganesan & Wife.
Mr. Izuka & Mama san.
Mr. Tokunaga Tadanobu & Mama san.
Mr. Uchida & Mama san.
Mr. Sakagami.
Mr. Katsunori Yajima.
Mr. Ibe & Mama san.
Mr. Wong Teck Seng.
Mr. Motohiro Mochuzuki.
Mr. Katsumata.
Mr. Hosogai.
Mr. Takahashi.
Prof. Dr. R. Kader Ibraheem.
Mrs. 加藤真由美 (Kato Mayumi).
Mr. & Mrs. Keizo Hirano.
Mr. Narwan Sing.
Mr. Noboru Ito & Mama san
For their valuable suggestions and contributions.
 I thank you , my guest, visitor, client and friends
 who give me so much love, encouragement and appreciation.

To many more people, we have to said thank you very much and appreciate.
If any mistaken please advice us. 
Thank You Very Much.

Let’s build bridges, not walls.
                                                     - Martin Luther King

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